Nature is Funny Sometimes

Do not feed the geese

Have you ever fed geese before? We live very close to a river, well two rivers that come together I should say. Years ago people used to feed the geese along these rivers and they are really cool to watch when they would fly in for food and land on the water. We have geese, seagulls and ducks that would fly in for a feeding. They were never really harmful, tho sometimes the geese would frighten little kids when they would fight with each other.

The city started to have issues with the goose poop (you would walk like you were dodging land mines – the stuff can be quite hard to get off shoes.) That and I am sure that people would feed them things they shouldn’t have, so the city put up signs not to feed the geese. Even bread isn’t the best of things for them to eat (even tho everybody thinks of bread when they want to feed geese.)

I know geese are by the river all the time, but it is funny that they were standing right in front of the “Do not feed the geese” sign and they were looking for food. One kept looking up in the direction kind of like “how dare they put that sign up.” It was just a comical moment to see the geese looking for food in the grass while looking up at a sign telling us not to feed them!

Nature can be funny sometimes it seems…

I am a mom to the 2 legged and 4 legged family members of our household :) I enjoy the simple things in life usually, tho my latte is usually more complicated. Cooking, hiking and family time are just some of my favorite hobbies. So grab a cup of coffee (or maybe a latte) so we can cook together, laugh together and probably even cry together at times.

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