Protecting Your Dog’s Paws in the Snow

Boo with Pawz Booties on

We are new to having a pooch and he is bringing us a ton of joy to our household! He is a rescue and just an amazing creature with a big heart. So we make sure to take good care of him as well. Part of that is getting the walks he needs and that is usually 2-3 walks a day (and he goes out in between usually.)

He loves the snow – and I mean loves the snow. His paws do not seem to be bothered so much by the snow but I noticed yesterday that he was limping on our walk, very quickly into it too. This is our first dog, I haven’t had a dog since I was kid before him, so I panicked and quickly turned around got him back home as fast as he could handle. We were not far from home fortunately.

I originally thought the temperature was getting to him with the snow – our wind chill was below 0 and there was snow on the ground. But then he jumped into the snow and was ok and playing. Back on the sidewalk and shortly after started limping again. Ah-ha! It was the salt hurting this poor little (maybe not so little) guy. We buy the snow melt that is safe for animal feet, but most people in town do not.

On the search I went (knowing booties were going to be difficult to get on him) and I found rubber booties. They are called Pawz Rubber Dog Boots. I am not affiliated with them in any way, I just needed something and found these to be a possible solution in a hurry. They were fun putting on this afternoon shall we say! But on our walk he was a hyper pup and loving the walk with no more salt irritation 🙂

Boo with Pawz Booties on missing one bootie

One broke off along the way (they are rubber and disposable, tho I was hoping it would last longer), but the other 3 stayed on and he was still doing good. Fast forward to this evening, it was a little easier to put them on – hooray! They are reusable but I wouldn’t count on them lasting too many times if walking on the sidewalks. But then again, he was so happy to be outside (silly guy loves the cold – even at 0 degrees brrr) that he was pulling and trying to run. That might put wear and tear on them.

We don’t need these often, but I will say they worked very well for us. He doesn’t get cold like some dogs do tho so we only needed it to keep salt off his feet. They are not padded or lined, just rubber for protection. And I think he liked that he could still somewhat feel the ground as he walked. They come 12 in a pack and we got ours at Petco, I am sure they are sold all over tho.

I am a mom to the 2 legged and 4 legged family members of our household :) I enjoy the simple things in life usually, tho my latte is usually more complicated. Cooking, hiking and family time are just some of my favorite hobbies. So grab a cup of coffee (or maybe a latte) so we can cook together, laugh together and probably even cry together at times.

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